How to Decieve MOST People

If you’ve ever wanted to trick someone, but never really did it, here’s a surefire way to decieve them (Unless you’re trying to decieve a digital artist or designer)!

The way I’m presenting right now MUST require you and the person you want to decive to be able to play DragonVale. MUST!

Step 1. Get a picture. Like this one.


Step 2. Then, get some pics of some RARER dragon eggs, like a gemstone dragon or Blue Moon Dragon egg.

Step 3. Then, using a picture edit application, edit the RARER eggs to replace the more COMMON eggs.

Step 4. The Final can look like this…


Ta-da! Here’s another way… You and the person you are tying to decieve MUST be able to play Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2. MUST!

Step 1. Get a random picture.


Step 2. Using a picture edit application, change the color of the Green Star to a Purple Star…

Step 3. Final should look like this…


Pretty convincing, eh?

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