The Problem About Spiders…

Now, Spiders, in Minecraft, aren’t that annoying. But the thing is… There are two kinds. One is regular spiders. Not poisonous, just hostile at night. The Spiders I hate are Cave Spiders. They’re poisonous, can climb up walls, are smaller, and are just more annoying. Being blue just makes them stand out more from the crowd. Spider Jockeys. Hate them. Long range attack, close range attack, can climb up walls, twice the firepower, speedy, and 2x as annoying. The reason? They have skeletons on their backs like the spiders are some kind of horse. Yeeaaahhh, right. The Skeletons will probably be saying “Yeee-Haw!” sooner or later.

These spiders don’t bug me.

These do.

These are 2x as annoying. “Yee-haw! Ride them, Cowboy!”

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