The y Factor

y is a going on factor. y+x=r(23)x-y+34. If you were to use this in Kirby’s Return to Dreamland as a cheat code, you would get the following password: yxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxy. The use of this y factor brings us to the principle of r. r is the main factor of the z factor. This result in (r+z= Factor of y) is a paradox. This paradox is if were to be added to x, then the factor must be added to the principle of r, which leads us to z, and to the factor of x, and back to r, and then to x, then back to y. But if y is the principle of r, wouldn’t that take us back to the z factor, that brings us to the y factor once again. But if y were the recurring factor in this case, that would mean y+x= The Principle of b(c), which leads us to another recurring factor of b(c)= x+y- The Principle of z. It’s very difficult to understand, so don’t worry if you’re confused. That leads you to the % of the times y appears in a z+x(y) paradox, which is .034726(pi), which will give you another paradox. It’s that simple.


See? Even Kirby gets it.

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