Halloween Trivia!

It’s time for the Halloween Trivia!


Who is this character?



Who’s this?



And finally, who’s this??



Yes, we know Halloween. Trick or treat! Give us something good to eat! Or we’ll burn your house down! Yes, there is going to be a costume event. On Halloween, we’ll post pictures with famous characters dressed up. Try to guess who they are! Good luck, and happy Halloween!

Riddle #5

You might have been wondering: “Oh, why are there no more riddles? Oh, why did they stop making riddles?” Well, ask no more! Riddle #5 is here!

When the sun shone, we just spent our time breaking fortresses of stone.

We first woke up at dawn, to find our eggs gone,

We try to take them back like drones!

Who are we?














Angry Birds are right!

Infinity Chronicles–All New Book Series Made by CreeperBomb

Look out for the new Infinity Chronicles, an all-new series of books by our founder, CreeperBomb! In the first book, a young kid’s life in a future world and town is dramatically changed when the President announces a trip to a foreign planet located far away! The child buys a ticket and decides to join the President, colonizers, officials, soldiers, curious people, and fellow friends to explore this new planet. Who knows what mysteries lie on the planet? But the child must focus more on the mysteries of the journey. A new wave of unknown sickness has swept the ship, and the ship’s engines keep on being sabotaged. Will the child solve this mystery?

Find out in the first book, Infinity All-Around! Coming soon to the ADB Shop! Pre-Orders coming soon!

Bear Alert!

Bears are sometimes nice, sometimes mean. In the ADB Parks, bears are here and there. So for you, valuable, loyal, ADB followers, here is an exclusive guide for free for you to print out at home. Normally, at the park, it would cost $1.99 for a bear guide. Well, here it is!

The Difference Between “N” and “Y”

Yaya! You’ve probably seen that on the very first post on the ADB (All Diamond Blog). A feeling of intense, happy, enthusiastic agreement is the term “Yaya”. The terms “Yay”- (happiness) and “Ya”- (agreement) are combined to make the term “Yaya! However, there is always a dark side. “Nono” is a term used to say “NO”, or “NONE”. The terms “No”- (literally- no) and “None”- (nothing) are merged to make “Nono” Examples are: “I heartily like that statement. Yaya!” and “Nono more cookies for you,”. Nono can also be used as a dramatic outburst, only shorter and easier to say, and eliminates gasping for breath at the end of the statement. Like, “NONO!” instead of, “NOOOOOOOOOO!” Example: “No more cookies are left. NONO!”

These terms are very nice to use.