Game Preview #2

Ahhh…. Nothing like a good Game Preview to start off the month!

This month’s game-  Epic Mickey 2!

Remember Epic Mickey? Now THAT was a advance in depressing gaming history. I mean, whats with all those headless robot Goofys and that weird black inky stuff and a place called WASTELAND????

But, hey, this is bound to be better. But what about that Mad (O.o) Professor? He comes back after being blown to a million pieces????? What? And Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is joining us??? And he controls Elektricity???

Anyway, heres the Epic Mickey box art-

And here’s the Epic Mickey 2- The Power of Two box art-

I don’t know if I want it or not…

Hi. Go back. NOW. You pressed those buttons. SHAME ON YOU >.>

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