The Difference Between “N” and “Y”

Yaya! You’ve probably seen that on the very first post on the ADB (All Diamond Blog). A feeling of intense, happy, enthusiastic agreement is the term “Yaya”. The terms “Yay”- (happiness) and “Ya”- (agreement) are combined to make the term “Yaya! However, there is always a dark side. “Nono” is a term used to say “NO”, or “NONE”. The terms “No”- (literally- no) and “None”- (nothing) are merged to make “Nono” Examples are: “I heartily like that statement. Yaya!” and “Nono more cookies for you,”. Nono can also be used as a dramatic outburst, only shorter and easier to say, and eliminates gasping for breath at the end of the statement. Like, “NONO!” instead of, “NOOOOOOOOOO!” Example: “No more cookies are left. NONO!”

These terms are very nice to use.

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