A History Lesson

The revolution led to the freedom of America from the British. Let’s just say that Cornwallis had it in for him when he was defeated in battle. He was cornered in Yorktown. At Bunker Hill, we lost the battle. But we made up for that, cause the President traveled across the Delaware River to ambush the British’s camp. That’s just one history lesson, folks.

But of course, we mustn’t forget the Aryans. They were a group of Indo-Europeans that migrated to the Indus Valley. They brought Sanskrit, a root of many Indian languages today. They had a caste system that seperated you from other, let’s just say, strangers. The Vedas is a collection of ancient hymns and poems that revealed much about the Aryan way of life. It’s from an Aryan point of view, so that makes it more secure. But why did the Aryans migrate to India? And did the Aryan invasion/migration really happen? Two down, more to go.

But the yellow fever epidemic of Philedalphia really made a deep, deep groove. That’s gonne be a permanent blemish on America’s health record. Dr. Benjamin Rush was a doctor those times, and recommended jalap and other gross things to make people throw up. He also “bled” them, to get rid of all that “pestilence”. That’s just crazy, folks. However, French physicians like Dr. Jean Deveze prescribed fresh air, plenty of rest, and lots of fluids. And that’s the way to banish yellow fever. It’s the best, too.

Not forgetting- NOOOOOOOO NOT THE TITANIC INCIDENT NOOOOOO- sorry, that was my deranged mind institution in the deeper depths of my brain. Now what- oh, yeah, the sinking of the Titanic. Over 1,500 dead, this is a major disaster. At 11:40, the iceberg was spotted. The RMS Titanic hit an iceberg at about 2:20 A.M. The people and crew were unprepared for such an disastrous emergency. The crew did not have any proffessional training whatsoever in case of an emergency. The third-class people were left “dancing in the dust to fend for themselves” as the second and first classes streamed for the lifeboats. The old saying “women and children first” left many men and crew members doomed to die on the rapidly sinking ship.


That’s one history lesson for you, folks. There’ll be plenty more coming soon. You don’t want history lessons and want more topics about gaming? Nothing doing, buster. Trololololol!


Game Preview #3


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