Creeper Safety

Don’t get bombarded by creepers! It’s the worst way to die. (No offense to the creepers)


But we don’t care! (Well, actually, we do, but…) Here are 10 great ways to avoid getting blown up by creepers!

1. Build a house out of bedrock! (Well, this is only in creative.)


2. Peaceful Mode (Also cheating, but we don’t care!)

3. Kill them all! (you have to be really skilled.)

4.Creeper Repellent Spray! (100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!)


5. Make a cave house. Illuminate with torches. Hide in a corner and whimper. (Only if you’re REALLY scared.)

6. Run Away!!!!! (Again, for cowards.)

7. Don’t play Minecraft. (That method is so cheat, though.)

8. Sleep! (Actually this doesn’t help because creepers don’t burn up like zombies in daytime so this is a lame solution.)

9. Hug a creeper. Maybe it won’t blow up. (Doesn’t help since there is no hug button and even if there was, it would still blow up.)

10. Make a house. Set up a mechanism where your house is surrounded by pressure plates and pistons. If a creeper steps on the pressure plate, the piston sound goes off and you can run like hell. (Useful AND useless. Why it’s useful: It serves as an alarm, allowing you to escape. Why it’s useless: You can run into another creeper. Prepare to run like hell again.)

Hope this helps! (Actually, we doubt it will help you.)

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