So…A New Year. Now What?

So long 2012, hello 2013! So, this blog survived the Mayan Apocalypse (Well, obviously) and will live on for months (possibly years) to come. Hopefully, we can celebrate this blog’s 1st anniversary (which is in September, by the way). It’s a time to make resolutions and throw away the past [Like our founder, CreeperBomb, threw away his last blogs he made like (Don’t visit it: it stinks. Word of the founder.) and such.]. So happy New Year, everybody {Don’t wake me up at 12:00 A.M, PST with a yell, (By yell, I don’t mean just a yell. I mean a super-über-yell-that-wakes-everybody-up-once-a-year sort of yell.) signaling the new year. [Man, I’m using a lot of brackets and parentheses in this, aren’t I?]} We’ll see ya in the New Year! Yayayayayayaya!

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