A Phobia of… Some Things…

You know what a phobia is? A phobia is a fear of something. For example- alliumphobia- a fear of garlic. (Garlic??? What??? Vampires????) Now, there are many many many many many phobias. Another example- ligyrophobia- fear of loud noises. Now, don’t get carried away. Minecraftiphobia is not fear of Minecraft. Poképhobia is not fear of Pokémon. So, if there are so many phobias, can you name this one? Cometophobia. Of course, the answer is fear of comets.

So, if you have hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, please do not ty to find out the meaning of hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, because if you do have hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, then you just did what you’re afraid of, so you have hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. But of course, if you do have hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, then you would have left this site already because you have hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. (Note: hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia means fear of long words.) Ha, ha, ha. Ironic. So, thanks for catching up on your phobias, and see you all later!


The Blue Stuff

It’s Lapiz. It’s Lazuli. It’s Lapiz Lazuli!


Ok, now lapiz is a dye. There is no sole purpose for lapiz, except for dying things like leather armor, wool, and firework stars. Lapiz is fairly rare, and makes a good trick. Why? A solid Lapiz block looks a lot like water from a distance. Jump, and crack! Respawn, please. So lapiz has some uses, but not a lot of them.

What’s Green about Emeralds

Emeralds are soooo veerrryyy GREEN! (Literally).


Now, emeralds are almost as rare as diamonds, but not quite. Why? Ask Notch. Mine an emerald ore block and out comes a shiny green emerald. Anyways, you can’t get emerald swords or emerald picks or emerald armor or emerald spades and so on and on. Why? Ask Notch again. If emeralds are purely not for crafting things with, whats the deal?? Well, emeralds are meant for trading!! Villagers trade. Now, what’s their currency? Paper? Gold? Iron? Gunpowder? Their currency is emeralds! No emeralds, you can’t trade for the good stuff. Now, if you’re too lazy and you don’t want to go mine for some, trade with a villager to get some! (If you’re too lazy to even do this, then there’s no hope for you.) Now, here’s an example. 20 paper for 1 emerald. There. Boom. Emeralds. (If you don’t have paper, you’re really screwed.) Here’s the trading screen.


Shiny and Awesome

Now, diamonds.


I’ll get straight to the point. They’re awesome, useful, cool, rare, super duper, shiny, and awesome. Diamonds are the most rarest and most durable materials in Minecraft. Now, why don’t we all get diamonds? Well, diamonds are rarely found, and are normally found next to lava pools if you can find any. They make the best armor and prove you are pro at Minecraft.

Smack Bang Silva (Iron, Really)

Smack! Bang! What’s that sound? It’s Silva! (Iron) Ok, time to get serious. Iron is a ore, block, and item in Minecraft.


Now, Iron is more common than gold and is stronger (A bargain, right?). We named it “silva“, or silver, in more or less common sense, because when we saw it for the first time, we exclaimed, Silva! (I know, it’s silver, but we pronounced it silva at that time. Don’t blame us.) Now, you can just get an iron pickaxe and be all set up, since iron picks can mine anything. Stock up on iron, people! Iron can be found in Desert or Jungle Temples, strongholds (maybe), dungeons, and abandoned mineshafts. Collect them all!

Ooohhh, Shiny!

Our subject today: Gold.


 Now we all know that gold is less rare than diamonds, but is the least durable of all materials. That’s right guys. It’s butter . Now, gold is smelted. Don’t expect to get gold ingots all willy nilly once you break them with a iron pickaxe, like diamonds do. So don’t get all emotional when gold ore doesn’t pop right out once you mine it. Smelt it, get it, use it, create it, butter it. Yeah, that’s right, BUTTER it!