What’s Green about Emeralds

Emeralds are soooo veerrryyy GREEN! (Literally).


Now, emeralds are almost as rare as diamonds, but not quite. Why? Ask Notch. Mine an emerald ore block and out comes a shiny green emerald. Anyways, you can’t get emerald swords or emerald picks or emerald armor or emerald spades and so on and on. Why? Ask Notch again. If emeralds are purely not for crafting things with, whats the deal?? Well, emeralds are meant for trading!! Villagers trade. Now, what’s their currency? Paper? Gold? Iron? Gunpowder? Their currency is emeralds! No emeralds, you can’t trade for the good stuff. Now, if you’re too lazy and you don’t want to go mine for some, trade with a villager to get some! (If you’re too lazy to even do this, then there’s no hope for you.) Now, here’s an example. 20 paper for 1 emerald. There. Boom. Emeralds. (If you don’t have paper, you’re really screwed.) Here’s the trading screen.


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