The Triple 02

2,000. That’s the number of views on our blog! And we recently acquired 1,200 views from America on this blog! So we thank you for reading our blog, and stay tuned! More exciting things to come! Just wait, and all new stuff will come.


News Flash

We’ve found that culprit of those annoying, lame puns in our 50th post. They were made by the annoying joke troll (yes, that’s his name.) So he’s been interrupting stuff. We don’t like it, but sadly, we can’t stop him. So look out for all CAPITAL LETTERS and annoying puns with the punch lines bolded. We’ll try to stop him because HAHAHAHAHAH I KNOW RIGHT IM SO BOLD AND I PUT MY PUNS IN BOLD HAHAHA GET IT SO FUNNY AHAHAHA- Ok! We’ve managed to stop that rant. We’re sorry that happened, but thats a great example. So look out, readers…

Game Preview #4

So. So. SPOCK (what?) Ok. We have a game preview! Well, these things haven’t been around since NOVEMBER! WOW! Anyway, moving on! So the game is Pikmin 3!



So there’s three new pikmin apparently, and this looks fun. But Olomar’s not in it. Wut? The new explorers are Charlie, Brittany, and Alph. It’s been a long, long time since Pikmin 2 came out (9 years!) and a very long time since Pikmin 1 (12 years!) We’re looking forward to this, hope you are too!


Ok, first up: Some riddles! We’ve got some real riddles for you this time.

A cowboy rides into a town on Friday.

He stays one night and leaves on Friday.

How is this possible?

The horse’s name is Friday

What lives in the corner but travels the world?

A postage stamp


Huzzah! We’re back! And for the 50th post! We’ve been blogging for one year, and this site is slowly reaching its first birthday. Excited? We are. We’re sorry for not blogging that much, we’ve been quite busy. So, first off… GAME REVIEWS!

So game reviews go quite simple. We get a game, play it, write it, and rate it! We use a bomb scale (it’s in my username so don’t question it) on a scale of 1-10. You get the drift. And now, MAKEUPS!

Now you say, “What’s with the word makeups, CreeperBomb? What’s it mean??” (well, we’re not saying you actually say it but…to emphasize.) So, that means we’re going to give some game reviews, riddles, and some other info articles. All next up.

Now we started using polls in our posts. (<—– Like that one) There’s going to be a poll on the bottom of this page. No spoilers.

Ok, we’ve started posting on the Minecraft Forums ( so you can find us. Our username is DiamondCreeperz. Make a note of that. (Naw, you don’t have to)(Ugh, my chocolate is oozing all over me. Crappy chocolate.)

Now, news. Mr. Gold. Rage. LEGO. Common. Anyways, 5,000 of these chrome gold LEGO suckers are placed randomly in bags and shipped off. WORLDWIDE. Now, you see, LEGO makes all of their gold stuff pearl gold. Not as good, eh? Chrome gold is actual chrome gold. Duh. Anyway, it’s super rare. don’t count on getting one unless you spend like $7294323942 USD BUCKS HAHAHA $$$$$ IS MINE (Sorry) to get ahold of him. O.o Wat? And on eBay and other sites, they’re going for $1,000 USD!! Huh.



Next. Xbox One. HAHAHAHA GOTTA GET ONE MWAHAHAHA GET IT PUN XBOX ONE GOTTA GET ONE HAHAHAH (Sorry again) Now Xbox. Xbox 360. What next? Xbox 720? NO. Xbox One. Lolz. Anyway, one of the good game systems coming out! W00t!

This. Looks. Cool. Period.

This. Looks. Cool. Period.

PS4. AW YEAH. IM LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT HAHAHA PUN GET IT FORWARD PS4 HAHAHAHA (Sorry AGAIN sheesh) Anyway, yes. PS3, say goodbye. Hello, PS4. I mean, the design is cool. Some crazy concepts came out (examples below) but the Xbox One and PS4 are going head to head. Wii U? Aw man, it came out a bit ago, it aint participating. (Well, it might)




This is the real one.

Well, that’s our 50th post! Thanks for joining us! The makeups coming late today or tomorrow!

Why is this rated PG-13? I Don't even know.

Why is this rated PG-13? I Don’t even know.