All New Game Previews!

Comin’ up in your future: Wii U games! Presented at E3, we have news!

First up, in the year of Luigi, it’s Super Luigi U! available June 20th for downloadable content for New Super Mario Bros. U. If you don’t have New Super Mario Bros. U, don’t fret! Packaged edition is coming July 26th, only available in 2013!




Next on our list: Mario Kart 8! With hovercrafts and all new courses, and some technology from the 3DS only Mario Kart 7, it’s coming in Spring 2014! Yep, have patience!



Next, even though there’s no boxart yet, Mario Party 10! Yep, the tenth Mario Party is shooting towards us, and in the preview, it’s for the 3Ds! There may be a Wii U version, who knows?

And finally, the sequel to the 2008 hit fighting game, Super Smash Bros. Universe! It’s coming for Wii U, so get ready for ultimate brawls!



And a Public Service Announcement: As of today, the shop’s closing down! Sorry about that.

And with the all new PS4 and XBox One, things are looking up!

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