Hi Again

Hello readers! I’m EnderMaster, if you don’t know me. I’ve come to make an announcement. I haven’t really been into blogging on my blog that much, but CreeperBomb wants me to do more on THIS blog. So, I’m temporarily shutting down my blog to work with CreeperBomb. And I’ve been trying to get my friends to help too. One is a psyche about games and stuff. I’m also thinking about having one of my friends register on WordPress as something like, TheIronFist (Lol let’s see if he agrees).

So TTFN for now guys!


Game Review #1

Well, the moment of truth! Time to review some games, we hinted this in the 50th post.

So first up is Need for Speed: Most Wanted U!


I played this game, and I was immediately hooked. The graphics are amazing, and with the added bonus of the HD of the Wii U, it was an amazing experience. The game follows no direct story, only that you want to reach the top of the Most Wanted list. With tons of cars to drive, this game offers a lot of possibilities, and with the fact that each car has its own races, there’s lots to do. Although sometimes, the races are quite hard to beat. This game is a gorgeous one, and I love it.

Gameplay Shots




Great graphics
Good controls
Free play
– Races are sometimes a bit too hard

Introducing… Myself!

Hey readers, EnderMaster here, and originaly CreeperBomb invited me to write on his blog. So I joined WordPress and this is my first post so… yeah. Don’t worry, my blog will be updated soon, at extraender.wordpress.com. I’ll be taking over the Game Previews and Game Reviews, and I am planning something like Game Walkthroughs or Game WTFs on my blog. So this is EnderMaster, bye for now.